Art, by Post -opens Apr. 27, 2018 @ Bear River Artworks Gallery

Bear River Arts & Action

Art, by Post
The art of letter writing or penning a postcard, handwritten messages of friendship sent through the post, is a rare thing these days.  Add an original idea in paint, collage or drawing and it becomes not just a rare thing, but a thing of rare beauty.
In October of 2016, five Bear River friends, Anne Zimmerman, Cathy Banks, Joey Thorpe, Joyce Peck and Sharon Trueman-Goodyear, decided to create and send one another a postcard each month.  One postcard sent, one postcard received.  The idea was to create a piece of art on a postcard and in our penning, share the details of the subject, medium and process, essentially how the postcard came to be.  It also became a way to support and encourage each other’s art while spending time in that amazing creative space we all have within us.
Now, 19 months later, 95 very special…

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