The image that inspired this piece had all heads down as if in prayer.
I wanted them to be jubilant and shimmery, as well as representing all people.
I first made a beautiful under painting in jewel colors, set the painting aside for several months and then added all the texture and scribbles.
We are all in this together. (And none of us are getting out alive.)

Compassion II
30″ x 48″, acrylic on canvas, diptych
©Arlene Dubo

“Stirred by readings on current developments in Western science and Eastern philosophy, I produced a group of paintings that consider how compassion results from a deep knowing about the nature of reality. The more we know, the more we are compelled to see ourselves as belonging to one of many species on this planet and to wish, more than anything, to develop the qualities of loving kindness, compassion, empathic joy and equanimity.”

Equanimity II 24″ x 20″, acrylic on canvas. ©Arlene Dubo

This is the second version of Equanimity. The image came out of the 100 Drawings challenge I did with fellow artist Merritt Ireland. This one has a Celestial feel to it. Equanimity is my go-to safety word that keeps drama out of my life.

Something III 30″ x 30″, acrylic on canvas ©Arlene Dubo

I was needing to throw some paint, scratch it out, and release some energy. Then I saw the face and made it purposeful.
Now I feel like I’m getting a sense of awareness of awareness.

Something IV
30″ x 30″, acrylic on canvas
©Arlene Dubo

I admire artists who use drippy wet paint in their work and spent a few canvases practicing before I came up with this.
At first there were no face-like elements, until suddenly, there they were.
I love the emergence taking place in this piece.

See more of Arlene Dubo’s work at her website.


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