Crystal Pyne


Memories of Growing up on the Digby Neck Islands


When it comes to emotions, it’s better to reveal than to conceal. Sharing our emotions with others – the good and the bad – makes us feel that we are not alone.

Since COVID-19 began, like most, I was dealing with a wide range of emotions. I was on a “rollercoaster” that seemed to be climbing higher and higher and I feared falling off into the unknown. For me, the first waves that hit were feelings of isolation.

Painting was a way for me to describe the loneliness  I felt that seemed overwhelming.

Coping soon followed, and sitting in the evening with a glass of wine helped put things into perspective. For days on end, I found myself fighting to discover and welcome a new routine.  

What is next? As a young child, I remember spending time next door at my beloved grandmother’s. I have such fond memories of her kind, loving smile and warm embrace. I can still hear her encouraging expressions like “never cry over spilled milk, there is always a bright side to everything.”

I have always remained the optimist, and let myself feel joy and to laugh, even during the darkest times.

There is always hope for a brighter day!

Crystal Pyne, Painter

Since before I can even remember, I have been told that I have always drawn, colored or doodled. I could sit for hours and get lost in whatever it was I was creating.

After graduating from Islands Consolidated, a small school located on Long Island, NS, I went on to college to obtain a certificate in Graphic Art & Design. I was intrigued by the new mediums I was being introduced to. So many wonderful things I had yet to explore.

I retired my paints over 20 years ago, but have found the need to once again be creative. Inspired by growing up on the Islands, I recall many memories that transport me to another time, a peaceful place.

When painting, I am in my happy place. I still love to explore new mediums and styles. I have learned you are never too old to try new things!

I hope you enjoy the results of my passion and desire to create.

All displayed artwork is for sale. Prices and details are noted. Shipping costs are extra or, curb-side pick-up can be arranged. For purchase inquiries, please contact the artist via our gallery email:

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