Flora Doehler

I’ve lived in beautiful Bear River, Nova Scotia for 10 years. My inspiration comes from Nature’s visual feast all around me in Nova Scotia.

Flora Doehler - 1
© Flora Doehler
Acrylic on Canvas
48″ x 36″
Flora Doehler - 1b
Abundance © Flora Doehler

In the late sixties I graduated from the Art Centre at Central Technical School, Toronto with a love for painting, printmaking and weaving. In the early 1970’s in Berlin, Germany I studied painting and drawing at the Kunsthochschule Weissensee.

Little Flower Painting series

More paintings can be seen at:

Flora 2
Wild Asters
© Flora Doehler, 2018
18″ x 24″
Acrylic on Canvas

2 thoughts on “Flora Doehler

  1. Love your work on utube. Saw this am a beautiful demo of loose technical work.
    Said to continue at another time site, but couldnot get it open .need the site to see you do the final part.
    JoanThielmann. Rjthielmann@gmail.com


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