Karen Aaker

Sometimes, it might be a new technique, a particular material, or an image that I’d like to re-create, but I am always looking for that something different to inspire me.

Getting glass and grout to work together harmoniously is the goal I am always striving for. Choosing the right tesserae, the andamento, or directional flow of the rows keeps me pondering for awhile, but is all part of the challenge of mosaic making.

Land’s End © Karen Aaker,
23 1/2” x 16”
Stained glass, Italian millefiori, glass rod, glass microbeads, Italian Smalti, & vitreous tile on MDF. 3D effect on the rocks as they are built up above the main ocean mosaic.

Working with the positive and negative spaces keeps the project constantly evolving. I am drawn to what happens between the pieces, the relationship of the next piece and the one placed before it, all the while being mindful of the mosaic as a whole.

Moody Blues
© Karen Aaker
12” Round
Clear smashed tempered glass, flat glass gems over acrylic paint on wood, grouted.

Purple Explosion
© Karen Aaker
8” x 8”
Italian Smalti and Amethyst pieces in thinset on MDF, grouted.

Got, Til It’s Gone
© Karen Aaker
12” x 16”
Italian Smalti, nano ceramic tile, vitreous tile, stained glass, recycled glass tile, Azul Sodalite, Perlatino Marble, Italian Marble, glass microbeads on wood panel with grey frame.

With the endless possibilities I have to choose from and the constant decision making I am kept wonderfully engaged. When I work, usually late at night, it takes my daily stresses away, and it cannot be done hurriedly, it does take time.

Grecian Holiday
© Karen Aaker,
10” x 10”
Italian Smalti on wood, ungrouted.

© Karen Aaker,
10” x 7”
Stained glass, millefiori, ball chain, recycled glass tile on rock, grouted.

© Karen Aaker,
8” x 5”
Stained glass, millefiori on rock, grouted.

And for the fun side, when I need a change, I create my spooky art monster dolls that I call “Grungees”…check them out !

Soft sculpture Monster Dolls. Varied sizes.
© Karen Aaker,
Left to Right…
Katie, Holly, Vera, Hazel
All handmade, each soft art sculpture has a unique personality and name. Tagged and signed.
(Size varies from 9” to 12”).
*Not intended for children.
$39.00 each.

More “Grungees”…
© Karen Aaker,
From Left to Right…
Rita $39.00 (approx. 9” to 12”).
Vicky, Emma, Angie, Penny $29.00 each.
(Approx. 4 1/2” to 6”).

All displayed artwork is for sale. Prices and details are noted. Shipping costs are extra or, curb-side pick-up can be arranged. For purchase inquiries, please contact the artist via our gallery email: bearriverartworks@gmail.com

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