Karen Aaker

Sometimes it might be a new technique, material, something in nature, or an idea that I’d like to create. I always look for something different to inspire me.

Octopus’s Garden
© Karen Aaker

“Octopuses like to travel along the sea bed picking up stones and shiny objects with which to build gardens” – quote by a boat Captain to Ringo Starr.

Grecian Holiday
© Karen Aaker

One of my favourite materials to work with is Italian Smalti as it adds great colour and texture. It also the tesserae that has been used for many years, historically, and is typically un-grouted.

The King © Karen Aaker

Once sketched on the board, it was apparent that the thin lines were to be a real test for me. How would I fit the glass into these tiny areas? It was quite a challenge and so evolved “The King”. He is minus the”K”, (which was intentional) with many different types of tesserae and ten grout colours. There are 2300 pieces in this mosaic.

School Days © Karen Aaker
Chartres Labyrinth
© Karen Aaker

I cut each piece by hand and place them carefully so the grout space is even throughout.

Rhythm of the Seas Sold
© Karen Aaker

This piece was the first mosaic I created when I moved to Bear River, from Gabriola Island, BC, among a vibrant artist community. The following video was made there as I was preparing for the annual 3 day art tour where 60+ artists open their studios for the Thanksgiving weekend.

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