Ken Flett

Ken Flett
Ken Flett 

The Redemption of Heart
Mixed media on fibre based silver print
27” x 28”
Ken Flett
The Redemption of Heart -detail

Ken Flett is a graduate of the Alberta College of Art with a major in photographic arts. He has exhibited extensively, showing his work in British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Alberta, the Yukon, and Europe. Ken has been a mentor at the BC Festival of the Arts, was a juror for the BC Arts Council, and was invited to the 2004 and 2010 Children’s Art Festivals in Singapore, where he introduced his techniques to hundreds of young people. Since moving to Nova Scotia in 2008, Ken has initiated and curated yearly community group shows in Bear River, and has produced a stop motion animation festival and co-directed a lantern festival. Ken has taught extensively, giving workshops to the public as well as professional artists in mixed media, doll making, animation, and fabric arts.

©Ken Flett, 2017 The love and patience of death (fabric, thread, wax,tar)





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