Roisin Cadieux

Artist statement

My papier mâché/collage works using antique sheet music seek to celebrate and repurpose the best and worst quality music from my great paper era collection of music which spans close to 300 years (1723-1945).

CADIEUX.Wise Elijah
Wise Elijah © Roisin Cadieux, 2019  24” x 29” X 15″ Antique sheet music, white glue, wire, wood, protective uv coating. $3000

My creative endeavours have focused on creating and celebrating language with a particular focus on universal languages. As a multi lingual and multi cultural person music was (and still is) a most tangible link to culture for me. I grew up moving every two years and although we were posted far and wide, my parents, an Irish mother from \ Northern Ireland and a French Canadian military man with Métis heritage, made sure we were given strong links to our mixed heritage.

Nelson Swimming Home © Roisin Cadieux, 2018  26” x 7” X 5″ Antique sheet music, white glue, wire, willow, protective uv coating. $400

I also use it because the wealth of printed music from the last several centuries has become obsolete for the most part. It was collected and shared with great care and love, from one generation to another, as such the quality of the paper was essential to its longevity. The greatest paper made over the centuries was made for music, which was to pass from hand to hand to hand. I have had a great love for it and have always yearned to use it in my work as an artist and artisan.

CADIEUX- Coyote under the full moon1
Coyote under the Full Moon © Roisin Cadieux, 2018  18” diameter x 14″ Antique sheet music, white glue, wire, willow, protective uv coating. $700

A few years ago I stood at the threshold of moving from a production based life with my natural works which focused on the universal language of nature and the nature of language, to one of larger sculptural pieces. It would allow me to delve even deeper into the dialogue of healing through artistic practice and provide me with new challenges of materials explorations and subject matter. I began with a buffalo, a guide to protect me in my journey using a paper mâché technique though this was to be made of music paper that I cared for (and others had too) a great deal. It was therefore important to honour every aspect of each piece of music I used for this work. As such, the inventoryof colour and texture, print quality, graphic composition and decorative whimsybecame components of my palette used to create and adorn my sculptures.

Ferdinand © Roisin Cadieux, 2018  42”  x 100” X  17″ Antique sheet music, white glue, wire, wood, protective uv coating. sold


The making of Ferdinand.

As a storyteller it was important that the journey of discovery in the paper sculptures be not limited to their creative component compositions but that explored other dialogues as well. As such my animal sculptures all have a male and female side as we must all care for and honour both in ourselves this is also evidenced when considering formal musical staffing and then the organic use of different ages and qualities of paper to create a new organic musical tapestry.

Swimming Coast to Coast  © Roisin Cadieux, 2018  48” x 25″ Antique sheet music, white glue, styrofoam, protective uv coating. $1200

I have continued to learn to use the music in different ways and have set myself challenges to push the boundaries of my practice. As such I have also created two dimensional pieces which require a completely new inventory of strategies for effective visual engagement. The learning is ongoing. The love of music strong, and sharing of that collective love through art is my new purpose.
Roisin Cécile Yvonne Cadieux

Wintry Owl © Roisin Cadieux, 2019 22” x 14″ Antique sheet music, white glue, wood, protective uv coating. $700
Swan: Surrender to the Unknown © Roisin Cadieux, 2018  20” x 24″ Antique sheet music, white glue, wood, protective uv coating. $800

All displayed artwork is for sale. Prices and details are noted. Shipping costs are extra or, curb-side pick-up can be arranged. For purchase inquiries, please contact the artist via our gallery email:

Photos of Roisin Cadieux’s working process.

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