Gary Fraser


As a young boy it seemed my life was all black and white…..our TV was black and white, the first movie I saw was black and white, life itself in my childhood appeared black and white.

Gary Fraser Photography

As I began to see my world through photography, as most, my choice turned to colour, sunsets, wild flowers, waterfalls, photographing with the intent to capture the colour. With the photographs I made, the more I saw the colour and not the photograph…I was looking at the picture….more concerned with the colour than the content or even the meaning of the photograph.

Now don’t get me wrong, our world is full of wonderful, meaningful colour photographs….for me I found myself moving away from colour photography…as I began to create my black and white photographs, I found myself looking into the picture…many times feeling the storm, or understanding the thoughtful look of a person’s face…

Where Never and Forever Collide, © Gary Fraser

……it is a privilege to take those moments of time into my camera, to hold that instant in a timeless state by making the photograph. It is at those times the bond between human and earth is most strong. It is at those times the mystery offers a glimpse of the answer. 

Gary Fraser


If you are interested in having your band or yourself photographed, I would feel privileged to work with you. Click on the images below for more information.

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  1. Hi Gary, It was great seeing your recent work and chatting on Sunday! It’s so enjoyable speaking with an artist who has has such a deep resonance with and grasp of the potency of black & white. Through your eyes, it’s a deeply personal and expressive medium. I find many of your images convey a kind of ineffable mystical substance that is mainly felt and that can’t be explained in words. Anyway, congrats on this year’s opening and all the vibrant gallery colors that now enrich the backdrop for yours and the other member’s work. I hope to come back sometime this summer to continue the conversation where we left off.

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