Larry Knox

This ancient art of copper enameling is thousands of years old. The Celts and the Romans, among others used this technique to decorate metals.

The materials I use are powdered glass and copper pieces.

I start by cutting the copper and then heating it so that I can hammer it and shape it. Next, I sprinkle powdered glass onto the copper surface and fire it in a special kiln that heats at around 1500 degrees. Sometimes it takes a dozen firings until I am satisfied with the outcome.

I finish the piece of jewelry with cord and fittings of bronze or silver. Sometimes I add semi-precious stones.

The result is always an original one-of-a-kind piece that is wearable art.

Pendants range in price up to $70. Earrings are $40.

Colourful turned enamel earrings
Easy fit silver ear hooks.
1.5″ in length